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A local credit union was delivering inconsistent service in its New Jersey call center (10 employees). Specifically call quality was inconsistent, abandonment rates and wait times were high and several processes were not only inefficient,  they also failed to provide members with a good experience. What's more, there were no service level goals. By the way, senior leadership also wanted to relocate the call center to their new facility in North Carolina.

Conceptualize, architect, develop and deploy a new vision for delivering member service for the credit union's inbound and outbound call centers. 

After spending time at companies like REI, Zappos and other highly regarded organizations, we were able to better conceptualize and architect a new vision for delivering service by focusing on people and processes— and adding a sprinkle of technology. 

One of the big process initiatives was developing “service blueprints” for the most common call types. Doing so helped align front-line and support staff, expedite the learning curve for new hires and, most importantly, help deliver better and more consistent experiences to members. 

With regards to people, we successfully led the phase-out of the NJ call center, while simultaneously opening the NC call center. Best of all, we maintained business continuity despite not being able to move most people into new positions.  In North Carolina, we developed aspirational values (behaviors we needed to be successful) for the department and ensured we hired people aligned with those behaviors. Once hired, employees went through an entirely new on-boarding program and received ongoing coaching and feedback.

Results included a better member experience, increased cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, significantly reduced abandoned call rates, enhanced data capture and delivery of information through new technologies implemented and more highly engaged and enthusiastic employees—all at a reduced cost to the organization. A Zappos lite experience if you will. But don't just listen to us. Take a look at these employee and member testimonials. 

Tim Rivers,
Thank you so much for all of your help these past several months. You saved me a lot of money! Enjoy dinner on me with thanks.
— Nancy P.
Hi Ana,
What joy I felt when I read your card. Yes, I’m an emotional person but this brought on happy tears… I was looking for something and saw this envelope. I opened it and was thinking why is the credit union sending motivational cards out? Then I saw your note… this means a lot to me, not many people know what I’ve been through with my health and my parents’ health the past two years… I’ll have you know, I am working with the transplant team to try and get me a new liver… hopefully within three years I’ll be back on the up and up!
— K.M. Blue
I just wanted to send you an email praising the amazing job Mr. Antonio Hester did for me… my checking account had a fraudulent charge totaling almost $600. I called the credit union… Antonio immediately placed a three-way call to where the fraudulent charge came from and helped me get my money back. He put a block on my debit charge and gave me all the information regarding identity theft so I could sign up. He has been in contact with me to make sure everything was handled properly. I cannot tell you enough how professional, helpful, and courteous he was to me in this terrible situation.
— Debra F.

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